Being trendy is okay! You don’t wanna be ancient-tasted, right?

Trendy haircut, sexy tattoo, appealing dress-up these are not the taboo! Often, we accuse a person saying that, ‘Why you get your hair cut in this way! Phew, you shouldn’t put on such dress!! Tattoo is not the thing of yours, bad people do this!’ In truth, one’s character is not built by external things but internal things but we don’t understand this fact and underestimate a person and quote badly about him/her. This is a mean mentality of us, average type of thinking that we should give up. You, me, we all have various thoughts, different preferences and that’s very obvious that we want to go according to our will not others but this simple thing we can’t figure out and poke our nose onto someone’s business. Who doesn’t want to be fashionable? We all want. Then why we say others not to wear this dress, that dress. If you wanna stay ancient-tasted then aright, go ahead but if a person goes through trendy things then it shouldn’t be your matter to be judgemental about him/her. Independently everybody wants to live, it may be wearing sexy dress, getting hair cut in his/her own taste or penetrating tattoo here and there and it’s okay to do such things because we are not meant to live under narrow-castle but liberal-hut. It’s so ridiculous when you throw your so called knowledge to whom who is kinda messy, weird to you but they are the ones who have better mindset than yours because they don’t waste their time judging others like you. Being sexy is okay, tattooed person is okay, weird hair-cut is okay what is not okay is your cheap mentality!


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