Women are not fragile. They are more strong beyond your assumption!

Since her childhood she’s been taught to keep herself within four walls. Parents, relatives or society impose their orthodox stuffs onto her and she is to lead her life according to their rules otherwise she is to pay for that both mentally or physically. She understands that this world is so brutal and challenging to survive and this apprehension turns into reality when she goes at the phase of maturity and adolescence. She is to suffer daily by perverts when she goes outside for doing her task. She gets sexually harassed, abused by the lust of perverts. At that moment, she figures out that she has to stand for her own legacy where she will be regarded as respected, independent but yet she is to go through immense pains that leads her into the path of mental sickness, trauma. When she gets married, her hubby’s expectations she is to fulfill as well as all household chores or she gets tortured. She gives birth after conceiving the child for about 9 months in her womb. Daily abusement, mental pains, period and so many tough conditions she is to go through. After doing all these things she is considered fragile. ‘After all she is a woman so calling her mean names ain’t a big deal’ this kind of mentality we have respecting them. My dear society, my dear mankind and my dear so called perverts, why not you are trying to live a day as a woman and feel her difficult entity. I guess, you won’t be able to knock her down, to sneer at her after living just a day like woman. Let’s understand the significance of being a woman, let’s give her the full estimation. Let’s not impose our expectations on them because they have their own life too and the right to live comfortably. Who the hell are you poking your nose on their business! You are strong enough, worthy enough to lead your own freaking life, girls!



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