Three most highly believed superstitions and my explanations!

1. ‘If you do not bow down or touch your elder’s feet, you will neither receive blessings nor affection’. Ridiculous it sounds like, doesn’t it? But it is the most believed thing as well as highly appreciated at few phase. The only way of getting blessings is to be good mannered and humble to the elders and if not you won’t be appreciated or somehow blessed. Bowing down can not bring any kind of blessings, remember it till your last breath.

2. ‘ If you do not take academic education, you will not be educated’. In truth, many academic passed person is more bad mannered or illiterate rather than the one who didn’t go any kind of institutions. Being trully educated means of being really learnt and apply it individually. You don’t have to be academic legit for being regarded as meritorious. You may develop yourself through doing those things that will help you to be your updated version which you can not get in your institutions.

3.You have to spend your very 1st day of a new year very well or your rest of the days will go bad’. For many reasons, you may not accomplish things that you want to do in new year and it’s alright. You may get bad health in new year that doesn’t mean you have to be under sufferings in the rest of the days. You may seat idle doing nothing that obviously doesn’t mean you have to go through no work.


Common misconceptions respecting parents and my explanations!

1. ‘Parents don’t provide what we demand’. Listen, they are not obliged to fulfill all of your wishes that seems so needy to you because what seems so important at the moment, may be considered detrimental for yourself and ruin your life. As they know it so they hinder you.
2. ‘Parents don’t understand us’. In truth, we can not understand them and never try to do. We are like, ‘They must listen to us or I’ll do something that will force them to pay attention’. This type of behaviour is the 1st obstacle approaching to them. We should be genuine in our words and ask them humbly to listen to us. You don’t have any rights to raise your voice on parents, not because they are your parents but they’ve been raising you up since your childhood and affording you with necessary things.
3. ‘Parents are old fashioned, less-updated than us’. This is so funny and mostly ridiculous when you bring such thoughts in your mind. Infact, they are more updated and smarter than us because they are doing the most hardest job like ‘Parenting’. Yet we quote on our parents as if they don’t know anything. High time to give up such attitude of ours.
4. ‘Parents are too possessive to bear’. They are meant to be possessive to you for the betterment of your future. They are meant to control over you so that you can’t go out of control. They are meant to give you pressure so that you can have an idea of your future pressure. They are doing what they should do to keep you on track.

Don’t be limited by society!


We are social beings which is alright but being a social doings is the very way of forsaking our actual entity. Why? Because society wants us to live under its limitations, superstitions and narrow-stuffs and choosing the path of society and fulfilling its expectations is underestimating your expectations. As long as you are not getting this truth, you are be off track. I never saw a successful person rushing to the needs of society and forgetting his own aspirations. I am not saying that from now you have to be detached from society and keep yourself confined within four walls. You can be with society not choosing the path of it. We all have some good sides which we can use to influence others and gradually it will be spread out like virus and attack the negative sides of society. To change the society is to take the initiative first. Except taking any action, we can not expect any change. We should not remain silent when there happening bad things before our eyes if we know how to protest or stop it. Remember one thing! It’s not the bad people who is causing harm but the good ones who chose to remain calm. Time is now to protest against all the bad things of society. Keep breeding positivity so that it can kill the negative vibes of society. Don’t live with the fear, conquer over the fear of society. Let us change the society all together! 🔥💯💡

Being trendy is okay! You don’t wanna be ancient-tasted, right?

Trendy haircut, sexy tattoo, appealing dress-up these are not the taboo! Often, we accuse a person saying that, ‘Why you get your hair cut in this way! Phew, you shouldn’t put on such dress!! Tattoo is not the thing of yours, bad people do this!’ In truth, one’s character is not built by external things but internal things but we don’t understand this fact and underestimate a person and quote badly about him/her. This is a mean mentality of us, average type of thinking that we should give up. You, me, we all have various thoughts, different preferences and that’s very obvious that we want to go according to our will not others but this simple thing we can’t figure out and poke our nose onto someone’s business. Who doesn’t want to be fashionable? We all want. Then why we say others not to wear this dress, that dress. If you wanna stay ancient-tasted then aright, go ahead but if a person goes through trendy things then it shouldn’t be your matter to be judgemental about him/her. Independently everybody wants to live, it may be wearing sexy dress, getting hair cut in his/her own taste or penetrating tattoo here and there and it’s okay to do such things because we are not meant to live under narrow-castle but liberal-hut. It’s so ridiculous when you throw your so called knowledge to whom who is kinda messy, weird to you but they are the ones who have better mindset than yours because they don’t waste their time judging others like you. Being sexy is okay, tattooed person is okay, weird hair-cut is okay what is not okay is your cheap mentality!

Women are not fragile. They are more strong beyond your assumption!

Since her childhood she’s been taught to keep herself within four walls. Parents, relatives or society impose their orthodox stuffs onto her and she is to lead her life according to their rules otherwise she is to pay for that both mentally or physically. She understands that this world is so brutal and challenging to survive and this apprehension turns into reality when she goes at the phase of maturity and adolescence. She is to suffer daily by perverts when she goes outside for doing her task. She gets sexually harassed, abused by the lust of perverts. At that moment, she figures out that she has to stand for her own legacy where she will be regarded as respected, independent but yet she is to go through immense pains that leads her into the path of mental sickness, trauma. When she gets married, her hubby’s expectations she is to fulfill as well as all household chores or she gets tortured. She gives birth after conceiving the child for about 9 months in her womb. Daily abusement, mental pains, period and so many tough conditions she is to go through. After doing all these things she is considered fragile. ‘After all she is a woman so calling her mean names ain’t a big deal’ this kind of mentality we have respecting them. My dear society, my dear mankind and my dear so called perverts, why not you are trying to live a day as a woman and feel her difficult entity. I guess, you won’t be able to knock her down, to sneer at her after living just a day like woman. Let’s understand the significance of being a woman, let’s give her the full estimation. Let’s not impose our expectations on them because they have their own life too and the right to live comfortably. Who the hell are you poking your nose on their business! You are strong enough, worthy enough to lead your own freaking life, girls!


Understanding your parents is what matters most!

Often we misunderstand our parents when they say ‘No’ to our ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’ to our ‘No’. Why they do that? Why they like to keep us in their control? Let me give an authentic example of my parents so that you can understand your parents. Since my childhood, I’ve been taught to be obedient to my parents and everyone of you are to do the same thing. However, I tried to follow their commands and in return I received their affection. But there were many situations where I failed & couldn’t manage to show obedience because of my stubborn attitude and consequently, I failed on the attempt of mine. Why? Because they knew if they allowed me to go for my wishes, there might occur unfavourable incidents which would be bad for my life. My parents didn’t make the things available so that I could neither be greedy nor a consumer only. Instead of that, they showed me the reality , the bitter result first so that I can withstand the storm and get a comfortable future which I’m getting now though some situations don’t make any sense to me yet when I think of their ‘Well-Parenting’ rule that I’ve been gone through, I feel much better. Discipline, perseverance, patience, holding a positive attitude and many more good character building attributes I’ve learnt from them. Your parents nor my parents don’t want to see us failing in life so they examine us giving endurance test which is effective for getting a better future. All you need to do is paying attention to their words because they are much experienced than you, much knowledgeable than your virtual knowledge. Being disobedient to their words can bring chaos, disaster in your life. You never want it, right? Then maintain a sound communication with them, share your feelings to them. They will not scold you for that. You just have to own your shits and ask your parents how to get rid of that shits. They will certainly help you to see a light in darkness the way my parents did. I hope, next time before catching your parents wrong, you will judge your own stubborn mind! 💮💕

Let’s bring change through trully of being educated!

Why we are studying attending at school, college, varsity and different institutions? I mean, what is the sole purpose of study to you? It may be securing highest marks in term exams, being stood 1st in every class, being applauded by your teachers, parents and relatives and at the end of your institute life, receiving prestigious certificate or testimonial which will help you to get a good job that you’ve been cherishing since your childhood. Just for getting a good job or obtaining healthy GPA/CGPA if your sole aim is then you are being educated for a wrong reason. Why? Because just for having temporary fame, applauses you are doing this. You are trying to please your relatives, parents or teachers being so brilliant student till a certain time not for learning anything from your textbook or reading outside the box. You have to read, study that is why you are studying not for your self-development which is effective for your growth, utmost success. Being trully educated means to learn and apply it in your life not just receiving appreciation. Your intention should be to be a leaner 1st not just of consuming textbook knowledge. Textbook knowledge is limited and if we just settle with this only then we can’t expect any change. Getting a good job is okay but being a CEO of a company is worth it. And for that you have to learn, research and spend more times to develope yourself. We remain jobless after done with our education life because of our limited capacity which we couldn’t extend due to our limited knowledge. To be a catalyst is to be a learner 1st and you have to figure this out. By learning and implementing where it is required is something that we should do to bring change and this should be the only purpose of our study! 🔥💯✌

Is this what we are actually doing?

In this virtual generation, communication has become so easy and broadened and we are taking the full advantage of it. We are communicating as if we are so near to them after living in a long distance. It’s obviously so nice, right? Majority will say ‘Yes’. But the fact is our feelings, emotions are limited by emojis. Just tapping one like, we are showing our agreement on several issues. By hitting up reaction buttons, we are showing our anguish, laughter, affection. But in reality, we are just the opposite, aren’t we? Face to face interaction and texting on social media are two different thing which we can not differentiate because of our limited feelings, confined feelings. Communicating on social sites ain’t wrong if what we are doing in that area, doing the same in real life. Social sites are never meant to be our life. It’s just a part of our life and we should figure the fact out of it. Authentic feelings are only made by seeing each other face to face, talking before two eyes and if we practice it except virtual socializing then we are doing the right thing otherwise we are just wasting our time being on social media! 💡💥💫