Don’t be limited by society!


We are social beings which is alright but being a social doings is the very way of forsaking our actual entity. Why? Because society wants us to live under its limitations, superstitions and narrow-stuffs and choosing the path of society and fulfilling its expectations is underestimating your expectations. As long as you are not getting this truth, you are be off track. I never saw a successful person rushing to the needs of society and forgetting his own aspirations. I am not saying that from now you have to be detached from society and keep yourself confined within four walls. You can be with society not choosing the path of it. We all have some good sides which we can use to influence others and gradually it will be spread out like virus and attack the negative sides of society. To change the society is to take the initiative first. Except taking any action, we can not expect any change. We should not remain silent when there happening bad things before our eyes if we know how to protest or stop it. Remember one thing! It’s not the bad people who is causing harm but the good ones who chose to remain calm. Time is now to protest against all the bad things of society. Keep breeding positivity so that it can kill the negative vibes of society. Don’t live with the fear, conquer over the fear of society. Let us change the society all together! πŸ”₯πŸ’―πŸ’‘


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