Three most highly believed superstitions and my explanations!

1. ‘If you do not bow down or touch your elder’s feet, you will neither receive blessings nor affection’. Ridiculous it sounds like, doesn’t it? But it is the most believed thing as well as highly appreciated at few phase. The only way of getting blessings is to be good mannered and humble to the elders and if not you won’t be appreciated or somehow blessed. Bowing down can not bring any kind of blessings, remember it till your last breath.

2. ‘ If you do not take academic education, you will not be educated’. In truth, many academic passed person is more bad mannered or illiterate rather than the one who didn’t go any kind of institutions. Being trully educated means of being really learnt and apply it individually. You don’t have to be academic legit for being regarded as meritorious. You may develop yourself through doing those things that will help you to be your updated version which you can not get in your institutions.

3.You have to spend your very 1st day of a new year very well or your rest of the days will go bad’. For many reasons, you may not accomplish things that you want to do in new year and it’s alright. You may get bad health in new year that doesn’t mean you have to be under sufferings in the rest of the days. You may seat idle doing nothing that obviously doesn’t mean you have to go through no work.


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