Common misconceptions respecting parents and my explanations!

1. ‘Parents don’t provide what we demand’. Listen, they are not obliged to fulfill all of your wishes that seems so needy to you because what seems so important at the moment, may be considered detrimental for yourself and ruin your life. As they know it so they hinder you.
2. ‘Parents don’t understand us’. In truth, we can not understand them and never try to do. We are like, ‘They must listen to us or I’ll do something that will force them to pay attention’. This type of behaviour is the 1st obstacle approaching to them. We should be genuine in our words and ask them humbly to listen to us. You don’t have any rights to raise your voice on parents, not because they are your parents but they’ve been raising you up since your childhood and affording you with necessary things.
3. ‘Parents are old fashioned, less-updated than us’. This is so funny and mostly ridiculous when you bring such thoughts in your mind. Infact, they are more updated and smarter than us because they are doing the most hardest job like ‘Parenting’. Yet we quote on our parents as if they don’t know anything. High time to give up such attitude of ours.
4. ‘Parents are too possessive to bear’. They are meant to be possessive to you for the betterment of your future. They are meant to control over you so that you can’t go out of control. They are meant to give you pressure so that you can have an idea of your future pressure. They are doing what they should do to keep you on track.


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