Let’s bring change through trully of being educated!

Why we are studying attending at school, college, varsity and different institutions? I mean, what is the sole purpose of study to you? It may be securing highest marks in term exams, being stood 1st in every class, being applauded by your teachers, parents and relatives and at the end of your institute life, receiving prestigious certificate or testimonial which will help you to get a good job that you’ve been cherishing since your childhood. Just for getting a good job or obtaining healthy GPA/CGPA if your sole aim is then you are being educated for a wrong reason. Why? Because just for having temporary fame, applauses you are doing this. You are trying to please your relatives, parents or teachers being so brilliant student till a certain time not for learning anything from your textbook or reading outside the box. You have to read, study that is why you are studying not for your self-development which is effective for your growth, utmost success. Being trully educated means to learn and apply it in your life not just receiving appreciation. Your intention should be to be a leaner 1st not just of consuming textbook knowledge. Textbook knowledge is limited and if we just settle with this only then we can’t expect any change. Getting a good job is okay but being a CEO of a company is worth it. And for that you have to learn, research and spend more times to develope yourself. We remain jobless after done with our education life because of our limited capacity which we couldn’t extend due to our limited knowledge. To be a catalyst is to be a learner 1st and you have to figure this out. By learning and implementing where it is required is something that we should do to bring change and this should be the only purpose of our study! 🔥💯✌


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