Understanding your parents is what matters most!

Often we misunderstand our parents when they say ‘No’ to our ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’ to our ‘No’. Why they do that? Why they like to keep us in their control? Let me give an authentic example of my parents so that you can understand your parents. Since my childhood, I’ve been taught to be obedient to my parents and everyone of you are to do the same thing. However, I tried to follow their commands and in return I received their affection. But there were many situations where I failed & couldn’t manage to show obedience because of my stubborn attitude and consequently, I failed on the attempt of mine. Why? Because they knew if they allowed me to go for my wishes, there might occur unfavourable incidents which would be bad for my life. My parents didn’t make the things available so that I could neither be greedy nor a consumer only. Instead of that, they showed me the reality , the bitter result first so that I can withstand the storm and get a comfortable future which I’m getting now though some situations don’t make any sense to me yet when I think of their ‘Well-Parenting’ rule that I’ve been gone through, I feel much better. Discipline, perseverance, patience, holding a positive attitude and many more good character building attributes I’ve learnt from them. Your parents nor my parents don’t want to see us failing in life so they examine us giving endurance test which is effective for getting a better future. All you need to do is paying attention to their words because they are much experienced than you, much knowledgeable than your virtual knowledge. Being disobedient to their words can bring chaos, disaster in your life. You never want it, right? Then maintain a sound communication with them, share your feelings to them. They will not scold you for that. You just have to own your shits and ask your parents how to get rid of that shits. They will certainly help you to see a light in darkness the way my parents did. I hope, next time before catching your parents wrong, you will judge your own stubborn mind! ๐Ÿ’ฎ๐Ÿ’•


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